Update: My Life

So I’ve been away from home for 17 months and I realized that I have done a poor job of keeping in touch with a lot of people from home.  So, here’s an update on what I’ve been up to.

Here’s some of what I’ve been up to:

I am still teaching English.  I teach kindergarden in the morning and elementary in the afternoons.  As of the beginning of March I have all new students.  I have a small group of 7 year olds that are a joy to teach.  Here we are on a field trip a few weeks ago:

In the afternoons I teach students between 8 and 13 years old.  While I really enjoy my job, it wont be long before I want to teach older students with more advanced material, so I’m planning on working on my TEFL certification soon.  For the long-term, I’m planning on doing something else in ESL.

After work I’ve been training at an MMA gym.  I am learning Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and Kwon Do Boxing with a little hapkido on the side.  Before joining this gym I had done 6 months of hapkido (orange belt I think) and then switched to a traditional boxing gym for 6 months. I really enjoy my MMA training, I’m staying in shape and having a lot of fun (also learning a little more Korean).  Here’s me semi-sparring BJJ:


Our dogs are doing really well.  Oscar has grown from just a little pup to almost 20 pounds.  He’s still not finished growing.  Coco is the same patient, passive dog as always, though I think having a puppy around the house has brought out her playful side.  Here they are together:

Many of you know that I got engaged to Hye Jin last summer.  We had planned to have a traditional korean wedding in May but we have changed our plans on account of other good news… so despite the wedding being cancelled we went ahead and got legally married at our local government office and the U.S. embassy in Seoul.  Would have liked to have a nice wedding but our situation has changed a lot.  And that leaves one last bit of news- we are having a baby.

Things couldn’t be any better in my life.  Sorry if I haven’t kept in touch as well as I should have.  I hope all is well with everyone and have a happy Easter!